Nicestats Pro: Nicehash App Reviews

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Nagware Alert

Nags me daily to sign up for a subscription to unlock other features. I paid already for this app, if I want more features I'll go look for them. LEAVE ME ALONE

Spam spam spam

App was great. Unfortunately, it recently started advertising a new feature that requires a subscription. I’m never going to subscribe to it, I wish I could stop it from spamming me.

Used to be good..

I really enjoyed the app and payed for the Pro version but now with the recent update i have to clear away a pop up where they ask for more money. I don’t want that added service and it have to dismiss the pop up every time is extremely annoying. If that isn’t removed in the next update I’ll delete the app and use something else.


Use it all the time. Had an annoying pop up for alerts subscription but it seems to have went away after awhile.

Annoying notification pop up

every time i open app it asking me to pay month subscription for notification alert. even when u press dismiss.... i dont want that junk alert it should be free since we paid for the app...

Use to be awesome

I was willing and did pay for the pro version. Now the developer is wanting pro purchasers to have a reaccuring fee for monitoring. This is not a good this and makes me dislike this app when NiceHash has FREE monitoring via email. This is just a way to try and grab some more cash. Not a good plan from the developer at all. Really a scummy move.



It’s broken

I’ve been using app for a while now. Though I reinstalled on my iPhone and it crashes when the pop up trying to use my camera. Please fix

Some delay but it works

Very cool app to check your earnings quickly with a glance. There is a slight delay to the numbers I get from my desktop. But not a huge deal still a great app.


Great app when it works.crashes on startup.i guess I have to wait for a update

Still crash after the latest update on iphone x

After the latest update, the app still does not work on iPhone x

Great when it works

I’m getting a white screen with no data on launch. Force quitting does not fix the issue. iPhone X with latest iOS revision


Have enjoyed the app but am left soured now that offline notifications are a money grab. I already paid for the app. The nickel and dining gets old. If you insist on charging, give me another one time purchase but no way am I subscribing.


Crushed as soon as it launched! Couldn’t open, had to use other apps.pls fix this. It used to be great!

Does not support multiple wallets

Bought the PRO version and was very disappointed that it doesn't support multiple wallets. There is nothing special on the PRO version of this app that you can't find on other ones that are free.


The latest update is making my phone crash.

You’re charging for email updates?

I’ve already paid for your app, not you want us to pay for status updates for downed miners...I’m not giving you another cent!

Working Again!

I had a crash issue with the last update, but all is good once again! This is a great app. My only complaint is the profitability values don’t ever seem to match my rigs NiceHash values, not even delayed. However, it still is fairly close, and all the other app features make this worth having.


Helpful graph chart to maintain hardware/profitability; although the developer doesn’t respond to emails, application crashes nonstop and sometimes I’m lucky enough for it to load on iPhone 7 Plus - horrible money gimmick charging Pro users for hardware offline notifications..

One day, this app might work.

Says I make 0/day... which I know isn’t true. Using nicehash account with nicehash wallet as well.

Dies as soon as you launch it

Downloaded this app. Worked for about a week. Now it just dies as soon as I launch it every time. Lame. I’ll give it two stars because it was great when it did work.

Nice app! User friendly!

Love how you can check your profit averages over a selected timeframe (3hr)(6hr) ect... Just as easy to use as their mining program! (Nicehash) Set up in five min and don’t have to keep signing in! Quickly check your profits and active workers faster than writing a text!

Very useful. Definitely worth a buck!

Very informative stats, really like been able to check everything at a glance without having to constantly load a mobile site on my phone or find a computer. Well developed app dev team!


App says 4.18 unpaid balance. At the same time the nice hash website says 3.98.. kinda want my dollar back at this point. Update: still continuously inaccurate

Simple but awesome!

I check my NH mining info throughout the day with this app to monitor how close I am to payment. Data is always accurate and recent. Can’t wait to see what features may lie ahead.

Please fix the glitch

Every day, there is a glitch at the height of .1 to .2 BTC. Which overflow everything else.

What’s the diff between pro and not pro?

What’s the diff between pro and not pro?

Must have nice hash all!

Works great and shows me running profit total from all my nicehash miners! Love it!

Works good

Makes for an easy way to see what my miners are doing. Even submitted a feature request and the author replied that it will likely be added soon.


Glitchy but shows workers and pay outs.

Just what I wanted

Nice charts and looks good.

Give the money back

Give the money back

The system is good bur need the dificult


This app is awesome

Great app to check in with only wish you could withdraw but it’s only to look at your info. Still what I was looking for!!

Works great

Works great, loads quick, and "Pro" is cheap. Happy mining ✌️

You need this

Amazing app that gives you exactly what you need during the day

Refreshing not working

Stats will not refresh when you pull down.

Worth every penny!

This is a great app that interfaces with the NiceHash API. It is easy to use and works great!

Good app. Please add gpu temps!

Good apps, does what it says. Can you please add the gpu temps? It would be very useful and I would gladly give it 5 stars then!

Exactly what I needed

So worth it.

Must have if you use NiceHash

Excellent app. Works as advertised and keeps you in the loop utilizing API from NiceHash. Only one request.....Apple Watch support!!

Best app for monitoring.

Easy to use. No bugs.

Great Stats App for Nice Hash

Works beautifully!!!! 100% recommended


Does exactly what I need it to do. Definitely worth it to pay for upgrade and full functionality.

Great app

I have been using this app for like a month now and it works really great. Would like to see multiple wallets monitor as well as more accurate for workers status. Recommended 5/5

Helpful app. Even more helpful developer

I had an issue getting the app to work (all issues were my fault) I contacted the developer for help and he responded super fast, within a minute or two of me emailing him I would have a response and a helpful suggestion. That's awesome! Highly recommend this app!

Greatest app yet!!!

Love the app, and love the fact it's so clean and easy to use! The other app is just as great too!

Great nicehash monitoring app!

Really enjoy the Pro app, it's great for quickly checking what my miner is doing at any given time. Never had any issues whatsoever!

Solid app

Clean, simple and works flawlessly so far. Thanks Martin, nice work!

This is an excellent app for NiceHash Miners

I don't normally write reviews, but this developer has earned it. I love being able to monitor my miners and see how profitable they are as the calculate away for crypto coins. The charts, stats, profitability stats over time (up to 72 hours). I would highly recommend anyone who mines with NiceHash to get this app it's worth it. Plus the fact it doesn't harass you to write a review :-)

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